Amazing Costume Ideas for Kids this Halloween

By | September 13, 2016

Traditionally Halloween costumes are suppose to look very scary and inspired by dead and creepy stuff. Lots of mind and effort are being put into the costumes and innovation is on an all time high now a days. People are doing a lot of innovative stuff to pull off the perfect costume idea, but nothing beats the kids.

Lets take a look at the Amazing Kid’s Costume Ideas for Halloween

People wear all kinds of costumes imitating the popular movies or cartoon characters but the kids are the real treat to watch. No matter how creepy the costume, kids always have a way to make it look adorable. Below we bring the collection of costume ideas for kids:-

1. Heisenberg Kid

Kids Costume Ideas

Those are really cute little meth lollipops and even cute Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The stuff we need to get this look is a hoody for Jesse and a cool hat for Walter. The beard and glassed add to the killer look.

2. Wolverine Boy

Kids Costume Ideas



















I remember tapping straws on there knuckles imitating wolverine. Kids now a days are more refined. These costumes are available in the stores plus in various sizes. So no matter the age of the kid, everyone can be Wolverine.

3. The Little Witch

Kids Costume Ideas

Flying on a broom is a fantasy for all. Some face paint and dark colour cloths plus the broom (with a big handle) will make you a witch in no time. Its is scary and creepy at the same time and treats will be showered on kids with this costume.

4. Cat Girl

Kids Costume Ideas

Simply adorable, isn’t she. A pretty dress and some face paint is all you need. Cats are creepy and a big part of the Halloween decorations. This cat should earn some treats and kisses this Halloween.

5. Super Kid

Kids Costume Ideas

Ready for lift off is this one. I bet he doesn’t even know how much power of cuteness he has.

6. Pumpkins

Kids Costume Ideas

The most adorable pumpkin ever. Pumpkins are a big part of Halloween and these dresses fill the shelves of stores in every town during Halloween time.

7. The Dracula

Kids Costume Ideas

That should scare a few people.

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