Smart Group Costume Ideas For Halloween

By | September 13, 2016

Costumes are the most important part of the Halloween celebrations. Everyone needs a costume on Halloween, whether its a kid or adults. Lucky for you we have amazing group costume ideas for Halloween as well as kids costumes and couples costumer ideas to help you out.

Smart Group Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Halloween alone is not the same as with the bunch of friends or family. Group costumes are a trend really catching up to Halloween. It is something people do to show a bond and it is a great moral boost for every member of the gang. Its a real eye catcher as people ought to look at a gang in a crowd of different costumes. If you can get your bunch of people together this Halloween, then we have for you the perfect ideas for costumes:-

– Rock, Paper Scissors


If you look closely, there is not much work required to pull this off. This could be a last minute fix for people who don’t have much time to figure out the costumes part in Halloween. All you need is some black cloths and cardboard cutouts of rock, paper, scissors.

– The SWAT Team


Some people are out on a mission this Halloween. Fancy cloths and plastic props can make this happen. These costumes are easily available on stores and look really cool too. Lots of people are actually putting these costumes on now a days as it comfortable and doesn’t need any out of the way props.

– Ninja Turtles


A classic outfit to make your gang look formidable. Kids from the 90’s know ninja turtles real well and know that they were the superhero’s group much before the avengers. I personally felt they were great and brings back fond memories of childhood. These costumes need some work but it is worth it completely.

– The Smurfs


Who doesn’t love these guys and it will quite an attraction with those blue cloths on. Plus the work required to pull this off is also not much and without hassle.

– The Avengers


The modern day superhero family is another way to up your gangs visual repo. I mean who doesn’t love Tony Stark or Hulk for that matter. Lots of stores have readymade cloths available to turn you into an Avenger.

– Stone Age Family


The Flinstones were always fun to watch. It depicted the lives of working people set back in the stone age. These fiction characters have a place in the people in their 20’s or 30’s now. Its is also an easy fix as you need some irregular cutouts pasted on your cloths.

– The Social Group


This one doesn’t need much work and for those who need a last minute fix could use this.

– The MIB People


Any aliens in the building? Just black suit and shades will set you up for this one. Plus some real small size guns can help too.

– The Disney Ladies


The costumes for a group of pretty ladies. These are the queens from the cartoon network and certainly add glamour to the party.

– The Assassins Family


Some hoodies and dark coloured cloths will convert you into assassins. Inspired by the video game series, The Assassins Creeds, this outfit is highly popular and looks very intimidating too.

– Minions


I mean who doesn’t love minions, and beautiful ladies as minions is just phew.

– The Week


Wait, where is Saturday? Oh yes, taking the picture! or is it something else?

– Emoji’s


Easy to put up and look really attractive for a group.

– Domino’s


May I take your order? Oops. All you need for this one is some black cloths and white cutouts in round shape.

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