Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

By | September 12, 2016

The costumes hold the biggest importance in the Halloween festival. People spend most of there efforts in finding that perfect character or the Halloween couple costume ideas. As a couple Halloween can be more fun when you are dressed to complement each other.

Couple Costume Ideas that can make a relationship glow in Halloween lights

People are increasingly interested in wearing complimenting costumes, be it couples costume or group costumes. we have tried to put together the most popular costumes ideas that you could use this Halloween:-

1. Khal Drogo and Khaleesi Daenerys

Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

ame of thrones is the biggest show on TV right now and Khaleesi is the biggest name in it. I am sure all the females wanna try on the Khaleesi dress and the wig and depict power and glamour together. Khal Drogo’s outfit will need the men to grow their beard and some muscle too.

2. Mickey and Minnie

Halloween Couple Costume ideas

Mickey and Minnie were a great hit in the 90’s and couples can enjoy themselves with a classic. Complimenting cloths, a nose and a head piece can help you make this happen easily.

3. Shrek and Fiona

Halloween couple costume ideas

The Shrek is a big hit movie and has gained a lot of popularity in the box office. This costume is an easy fix as you just need some green body paint and some loose cloths. The colour has a creepy effect and blends with the Halloween theme.

 4. Bacon and Egg


The perfect breakfast can make a perfect couple too, all you need is some bacon and egg. This costume looks very colorful and doesn’t need much work. I feel hungry just by looking at these guys.

5. Minions


Everyone loves minions as they are both cute and joy to watch. A couple will look absolutely adorable in these costumes. All you need a yellow top and some blue jeans with an extra large goggles.

6. Popoye and Olive Oyl


Another classic one – Popoye and Olive Oyl. Don’t they look pretty? All the props in this costume are quite straight forward except the abnormally huge forearms.

7. Two Face


You’ll need a good body paint artist for this one, but it’ll be totally worth it.

8. The Roman Couple

Halloween Couple Costume ideas

The Roman Empire was among the most powerful realm’s in terms of military, economic, cultural, and political in the world of its time. It is among the largest empires in world history. Roman people took pride in being Roman citizens and it dressed in royal way. The Roman costumes can have the same effect on the couple that is wearing it. Plus they do look very crafty and attractive too.

9. Harry Potter Theme Costumes

Halloween Couple Costume ideas

Harry Potter has been the biggest movie series of its time and holds a place in its fans heart. Every child has dreamed of going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and played with the wizard stick. The costume is a no hassle to as you need just a round specs and a stick plus the Hogward’s color’s.

10. Batman and Catwoman

Halloween Couple Costume ideas

Batman and Catwoman have been a superhero couple for sometime now. These costumes are available at many stores and look very attractive in any party.

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