Attractive And Innovative Halloween Party Ideas

By | September 22, 2016

Halloween parties are big now a days. People start looking for Halloween party ideas long before the event. Arrangement are made in a big way and a lot of money is also put into it in the process. The hosts expect praises and the guest just want good time. People are coming out in big numbers to the costume parties and hosts are doing their best to attract them. Various events and attractions are being used to lure people to parties.

Attractive and Innovative Halloween Party Ideas

Food is a big attraction. It is an integral part of a party success. We have listed a number of decoration ideas that can be used in the parties and make your party food look amazing:-

1. Blood Cake Table

Halloween Party food Ideas

This cake design idea is super attractive and could be the centre piece of the entire event. It would need some to work to get this done but it will be worth the effort. Another attraction here is the eye ball candies.

2. Spooky Drinks

Halloween Party food Ideas

This one is considerable easy to make as you just need to change the labels on the bottles and some sticker on the glasses too. The frog syrup, as displayed on the pic, could spookify some of your guests and get you the attention you want.

3. The Witches Counter

Halloween Party food Ideas

These props are old school and will need some finding but will grab eye balls if you have it in display. The creepy dish names will add to the picture.

4. Catchy Glass Containers

Halloween Party food Ideas

Now aren’t these some classy mint ball containers. These are not the big attraction but it is the little things, the little details, that make all the difference and take the party to another level. Details like these will remain in the memory of people who attend you party and will continue to get you praises.

5. Syrup Holders

Halloween Party food Ideas

This one is easy to pull off too as you just need some glass containers and put some stickers with spooky names on it. As I said earlier, little details go a long way.

6. The Pumpkin Juice Holder

Halloween Party food Ideas

Now this is a really fancy piece and can be very attractive. But it will need some crafty work to create the perfect picture. Plus people will love to pour a drink from spoon for a change.

7. Strawberry Cream Ghost

Halloween Party food Ideas

These little one look very cute and fit the Halloween theme perfectly. I am sure the guests will love to eat the cute ghost’s.

8. Spooky Cups

Halloween Party food Ideas

This is by far the most easy prop to make for the Halloween party. Small cups and a marker can help you complete this prop. You can fill them with ice cream and chocolate to smoothen the taste buds of your guests.

9. Little Pumpkin Chocolate Balls

Halloween Party food Ideas

These pumpkin coloured chocolate balls add to the details of the party and bring more praises for your party. These are rather easy to make as you just need some orange colour syrup to cover the chocolate balls and put some chocolate on in shape of a face.

10. Pumpkin Ice Box for Drinks

Halloween Party food Ideas

Why use the ordinary ice box when you can always cut out a pumpkin for your bottles to chill. Another perfect prop to make good in the Halloween theme.

11. Skeleton Ribs

Halloween Party food Ideas

Who wants some ribs and sausage? I bet some people will not feel hungry at the party after seeing this. This is a big attraction but needs little work. Only the skeleton needs to be arranged for this decoration.

12. Syringe Shots

Halloween Party food Ideas

Free Jell-o Shots in a syringe is another idea that you could use. It fits perfectly for your Halloween party and these will be the syringes that people take with pleasure.

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