Crafty Interior Decoration Ideas For Halloween

By | September 15, 2016

Decorating is an integral part of the Halloween celebration. Each year people get together to remember the departed and pay homage to their souls and in the process give their homes and offices all kinds of creepy makeovers. For all those who want to cover their home in the Halloween colors, let me assure you that you are at the right place.

Crafty Interior Decoration Ideas For Halloween

If you have your friends coming over this Halloween or you want your office to be a part of the festivity then decorations need to be done. We have compiled a list of props that are easy to install and will make your home or work place look spooky as hell. Following are the interior decoration ideas you could use this Halloween:-

1. The Spooky Sofa’s

The Spooky Sofa's

These sofa’s are the easiest to make and give a haunted feel to your home. All you need for this to happen is some white cloth cut out irregularly and covering your sofa’s and table. Some dust could certainly add to the scene.

2. The Insect Plates


Now this one is gonna spook people up. Hand painted plates are a great addition for your home decor and they don’t take up much time either. All you need is some black paint and a good flow with the brush. This little time put in to this work will surely bring you much attention and appreciation.

3. Spider Pillow


Another one of the creepy and disgusting things but adds up with the theme. A normal pillow webbed with some white thread and cotton will give you this effect. The spiders really add to the scene and bring it to life.

4. Fancy Halloween Dinner Table

Fancy Halloween Dinner Table

Cover you dinner table with some drapes, buy a big spider, bring some black flowers and some pumpkins to pull this off. The skull can be a great add too and this table will become the center of attraction for your home this Halloween.

5. The Little Ghost Village


These little bird houses make a great decor piece. Add a bunch of large spiders and crows, its ready to touch a nerve in people. All you need is some matte black spray paint and the bird houses convert into ghost town is no time.

6. The Spooky Table Decor

Table Decor










Now there are a number of thing to look at here. First is the black crow, which is noting but an easy paper cutting painted black and can be easily handled. Second is the flying bats and they too are paper cutting in black tied with a white thread. These should be easy to make. Last one is the skull candle stand. This is a work of art and is available at the stores as it requires some handy mud work. The black champagne bottle really adds to the scene.

7. The Spider Web and Bats Wall

Spider web wall

This is an attractive piece but it is surprisingly easy to make. Bats are easy cutout from black paper. Spider web needs some making but that will not be much of a hassle as black threads will make your job easy.

8. The Bat Chair

Bat Chair

If you are through with the bat wall, I am sure some of those bat cutouts will be left. Just paste them with a pillow and wall and get a black chair in the scene.

9. Scary White Hands with Long Nails

Scary hands

Now this one is my personal favorite as it is scary as hell. But its not something you can make at home. I got these on last Halloween and the guest were really impressed. After all that is what we are after, Right?.

10. Spooky Staircase
Spooky Staircase













The Spooky Stairs are easy to make as its another cutout job. Mice are always creepy and shadows like these are bound to make some noise.

All these interior decoration ideas can help your indoors to look scary and creepy. Most of these are DIY’s and easy to make too. Also check out our outdoor decoration ideas to for the trick-o-treat this Halloween plus the costumes ideas.

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