Super Trick-O-Treat Ideas for Outdoors Halloween Decoration

By | September 15, 2016

Every year people look forward towards Halloween festival. It begins the festive season leading up to Christmas and is a time of joy and feast. Everyone, especially the kids, love this time of the year. Decorations, as we know, are a big part of this season and we got both indoor decoration and outdoor decoration ideas lined up for you.

Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas for Super Trick-O-Treat

Trick-or-treat is the fun part that kids wait for the entire year. Kids in costumes walk home to home asking for treats like candy or money, chanting “Trick or Treat”. The trick part is like a threat to create mischief if treat is not served by the homeowners. This part happens on October 31st and people decorate their outdoors to signal that they are offering the treats. So people just leave the treat on their porches for kids to take unattended. Following are some decor pieces to lit up your outdoors this Halloween:-

1. Hanging Bats

Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Bats are both creepy and scary and a perfect prop for Halloween decorations. This piece is quite easy to make as it seems. All we need is some black paper to cut out the bats and some thread to tie them up with the trees or ceiling.

2. Pumpkin Treat Holder


Children love the treat and happy children are a joy to watch for everyone. This prop certainly will make kids happy. The pumpkin adds to the Halloween theme and looks very graceful too plus it is an easy decoration piece to make.

3. The Crime Tape


Another simple one and could scare the hell out of people. All you is some printed yellow tape and put it around your home. This could also keep unwanted guests out of your property.

4. Spooky Drapes


Another easy one to make as you’ll need some torn drapes and put them ahead of your front door. Careless arrangement of the drapes is the key here and this could also help keep out the unwanted guests.

5. Lawn Ghost

halloween-outdoor-decoration-ideas-ghostHalloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas

White cloths, some sticks and black paint can help you pull this off. These ghosts are creepy in the morning and scary under the night light. They are easy to make and help your lawn look haunted.

6. Head Less Figure


Another easy prop using your old used cloths to effect. It is kinda creepy but really works at night time.

7. The Owls


The owls are spooky with their big eyes and flexible head. They fit the Halloween theme completely. These paper owls have a cardboard base and can be easily made at home.

8. The Garbage Skeletons


9. Tomb Stones

Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideashalloween-outdoor-decoration-ideas-tombstone

Halloween is a festival in memory of people who are no more with us. Tomb stones are build in their memory but and decorating with tomb stones is a good way to remember them.

10. The Witch and Her Hats


The witch is a fiction character that has haunted the kids from all generations. Every kid has been fantasized by the powers of a witch, especially the flying broom. The hats were made famous but the Harry potter series too and have a spooky effect.

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