11 Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas

By | September 27, 2016

Costumes and Makeups are a big part of any persons Halloween preparations. People spend lots of time to find the most spooky Halloween makeup ideas around. Facial makeup contributes largely to get you the scary and creepy look at the Halloween parties in your outfit. We have tried to compile the perfect costume ideas and makeup designs to make you look spooky this Halloween.

Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas

Facial makeup plays a big part in getting you the most scary looks and attributes in the Halloween parties. Lots of makeup experts are putting great work in to get people the perfect look and a lots of innovation is also happening in this field. We have tried to make the perfect collection of makeup ideas to help you plan ahead of the big event.

1. The Joker

Halloween Makeup Ideas

The Joker has been the most villainous and evil character on TV for sometime now and has made quiet a few fans too. The looks of the character are especially spooky and make a great Halloween makeup idea.

2. The Pirate

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Jack sparrow is what comes to mind when we talk about pirates now a days. But all kinds of innovations are being done to make the perfect look for a Halloween makeup for a pirate. This idea doesn’t use much makeup though but it sure look cool with the one eye.

3. The Witch

Halloween Makeup Ideas

I guess the witch is an integral part of the Halloween in many ways. The witch is used in all kinds of different decoration pieces and costumes. This makeup idea is mostly about making the face look cold and spooky with the color effect and hair. Rest of the job is done but the costume and the hat.

4. Dark Princess

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Most females fantasize about being a princess and the pink dresses. Well not all are fans of the pink ones, some like the blacks too. A number of movies have been made showing the dark side of a princess and have made the character more spooky and villainous.

5. Two Face

Halloween Makeup Ideas

The Batman series has produced many evil characters and one of them is two-face. The looks are the most important part of this villain and it attracts a lot of people to try them on for Halloween. Some really neat face paint job is required to pull this one off.

6. Terminator

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Another character inspired by the movies is the man-machine combo of terminator. This makeup is giving an idea that body is actually a machine and could surprise a few people.

7. Spooky Skeleton

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Skeletons fill the Halloween theme perfectly. Many decoration pieces and costumes use skeletons and have been used for some time. This makeup also needs some neat work on the part of the makeup artist.

8. Cat Women

Halloween Makeup Ideas

This is more of a cute look rather than scary. Cats associate with scary night time stories and Halloween decors use them heavily. This makeup is relatively easy and could be made at home.

9. Annabelle

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Probably the most scary character in the world of horror movies is Annabelle. For all movie lovers, I am sure Annabelle has haunted the most nights than any other horror character.

10. Broken Doll

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Another character that needs some really fancy paint work and is totally worth it for the Halloween parties.

11. Dear Face

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Deer makeup is also a good look for the Halloween party. Many animals have bee depicted via makeup in the Halloween parties and this one is fairly easy to pull off.

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